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    Decisions of 1st Meeting of the new Executive Committee

    The first meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee of NBU Alumni Association was held on 28th March during 7 - 8 pm by web ( Google Meet ). 31 Members attended. 
    Decisions :
    1. The existing Office-bearers have been re-elected for the period ending on 13/3/23. 
    2. It has been decided to amend the Constitution of NBUAA by a physical meeting at the earliest to provide for two Vice Ppresidents, two Asstt. Secretaries and one Asstt. Treasurer.
    3. A Webinar will be held on 7/5/21 during 7-9 pm to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahtma Gandhi. Professor Manas Chakraborty and Dr. P.K.Chetri will be Speakers to be followed by interactions. 
    4. Dr. Soma Maitra has been co-opted in the E.C. as a Member.
    5. A Programme Sub-Committee has been constituted to plan and  finalize upcoming  Programmes comprising the following  Members  : The  three Office-bearers, Dr. Ananda Gopal Ghosh, Dr. Debabrata Mitra, Dr. Malaysankar Bhattacharya, Dr. Subhas Mandal, Dr. Malay Karanjai, Dr. Gopal Dey,  M.U.Alam, Dr.Rosy Chamling, Dr. Jyotsna Saha, Dr. Soma Maitra, Dr. Tanima Datta, Dr. Debasis Nandi, Abhi Sankar Mahalanabis and Jayanta Ghosh ( USA). The Secretary is the Convener.
    This is brought to attention of all Members.

    Posted on: Sunday, 28th March 2021


    Prof. S. B. Karanjai
    (Former Professor in Mathematics, NBU)
    President, N.B.U. Alumni Association
    Mobile : +91 9434247625

    Dr.T.K Chatterjee
    Secretary, N.B.U. Alumni Association
    (Former Registrar, NBU)
    E-mail : tps.chatterjee@gmail.com
    Mobile : +91 9434716901

    F. Rahman
    (Technical Assistant, AKM Museum, NBU)
    Treasurer, NBU Alumni Association
    Phone : +91 353 2776390 (O), +91 9434258191
    Email: fazlar.rahaman@gmail.com
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