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    Meeting of Executive Committee.

    The 1st meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee of the NBU Alumni Association has been arranged to be held on 5/1/2019 Saturday at 3 pm in the NBUAA Office, Administrative Building Annexe, NBU Campus.

    Agenda : 

    1. To elect the Office bearers of NBUAA for next two years.

    2. Next Programmes.

      Members of the Executive Committee which was constituted by the AGM held on 22/12/18,   are requested to kindly attend the meeting.

    Individual communications are also sent by email and SMS.

    A line in confirmation will be appreciated.

    With best regards and best wishes for the coming new year 2019,


    Secretary, NBUAA.

    Posted on: Wednesday, 2nd January 2019


    Prof. S. B. Karanjai
    (Former Professor in Mathematics, NBU)
    President, N.B.U. Alumni Association
    Mobile : +91 9434247625

    Dr.T.K Chatterjee
    Secretary, N.B.U. Alumni Association
    (Former Registrar, NBU)
    E-mail : tps.chatterjee@gmail.com
    Mobile : +91 9434716901

    F. Rahman
    (Technical Assistant, AKM Museum, NBU)
    Treasurer, NBU Alumni Association
    Phone : +91 353 2776390 (O), +91 9434258191
    Email: fazlar.rahaman@gmail.com
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